Targetec Engineering (TTE) incorporated in July 2008, is established with vast experience to provide a complete sales and service offering for the design, installation and maintenance requirements in the Instrumentation, High-Purity and Hydraulic market for the Semiconductor, Chemical, Power and the General Industries.

Targetec Engineering is committed to work with OEM, Contractors, End User and with good rating customer in ensuring the sales and service provided and the product offered is at its highest quality.

The company comprises committed and dedicated employees whom have vast experience in the products offering and market sectors. This assembled team has been involved in many projects working and providing end users likes of Intel, ACT, Crest Ultrasonics, Dynacraft, Seagate and with contractors such as M&W, MOX, Kinetics System, Air Products, TTE Engineering, Kellington, Ixmation (Excel), Gses System, Vision Thermoplastic for many years in providing the product knowledge and selecting the correct parts. This has brought them the in-depth knowledge of the industries sector, the requirements of each industries, requirements of the customers and vast product knowledge which customers have benefited greatly.

As a commitment to our customers, to the industries and to our major principal agency representation Parker Hannifin, Targetec Engineering will establish a franchised Parker Store, an open store concept which enable customers the ease to the range of products, the ability to view the product, the ability to seek technical application solution and purchasing the right product off the shelves besides the day to day sales visit to our customers by our sales team.

With our strengths, the support of our agencies/ principals such as Parker Hanniffin, ASCO, Maleema, Surpass, Filter Pump and other as well, Targetec Engineering will establish a close working partnership with its customers and provide the competitiveness edge in the industries on our products offering.

Our Vision

To constantly strive to meet and exceed customer’s needs and expectation with high quality service and products that combine performance with value pricing while establishing a successful relationship with customer and supplier.

Our Objective

Provide customers with the one stop solution in the designing, installation and technical application requirement while offering comprehensive range of instrumentation/ hydraulic products for the controls, process and instrumentation.

We are specialize in:

  • Parker Compression A-Lok Tube Fittings
  • Parker Pipe & Pipe Fittings
  • Parker PFA Tube Flare Fittings
  • Parker PTFE Tube Grip Fitting
  • Parker/ Jaco Polyproylene Tube Fitting
  • Parker Pneumatic One Touch Fitting
  • Parker Ball Valves/ Metering Valve
  • Parker PFA/PTFE Valves/ PTFE Ball
  • Parker PFA Relief Valve/ Check Valves
  • Parker high purity diaphragm valves
  • Parker Ultra High Purity Regulators
  • Parker Instrument
  • Parker Back Pressure Regulators
  • Needle Valve/ Check Valves
  • Parker/Nichias PFA/ PTFE Tubing
  • Stainless Steel 316 Tubing/ Copper Tubing
  • ASCO Solenoid and Piston Valves
  • Filter Pump/ Penguin Centrifugal Pumps
  • Parker Lucifer/ SCEM Solenoid Valves
  • Parker Quick Disconnects
  • Blue White Flowmeters/ Digital Flowmeter
  • Parker Push-Lok Hose and Coup